The Department of Architectural Theory and Projects at the University of Valladolid (Spain) has since 2002 worked closely together with the Princess Kristina Foundation in the process towards the construction of St. Olavs Chapel. The chapel, buildt in Covarrubias (Burgos), the same village where the sepulchre of the Norwegian Princess Kristina was found, was the result of an international competition between Norway and Spain and was inaugurated in 2011. The good relation between the two entities has since the very start been supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Spain. 

On account of the opening of this combined cultural and religious building, the three involved parties, representing the academic, the socio-cultural and the political spheres, all shared a common vision and desire to develop this space into an international meeting point. For this St Olavs Chapel is in fact an ideal place for an open discussion on religious and symbolic architecture in modern times and to join researchers thorughout the world to take part in the debate. This international congress under the title “Symbolic Spaces of the Modernity” is the outcome of this shared vision. The congress aims to recompile research and open debates specificly on modern and contemporary architectural themes. The forum will pay special attention to  those architectural spaces that acquire a representative character where belief, myth, symbol and desire, etc., are important focal points that in one way or another reflect the concerns that arise from human nature itself and its destiny. In other words, architecture that goes beyond the mere functionality of space and move into a transcendental category.

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Keynote Speakers Confirmed

Darío Álvarez Álvarez

Juan Carlos Arnuncio Pastor

Juan Antonio Cortés

Ignacio Feduchi Benlliure

Juan Millares Alonso

Ramón Rodríguez Llera

Daniel Villalobos Alonso