The Universitary Institute of Research in Sustainable Forest Management (iuFOR) is a mixed R+D unit between CIFOR-INIA and the Agricultural Engineering School of the University of Valladolid, which aims to become a forum for scientific and technical cooperation. It develops, in a jointly and coordinated manner, activities of research, innovation, development, dissemination and technical advice. These are projected in the areas of: evaluation and conservation of forest resources, modelling and sustainable forest management, silviculture and forest management, and preservation of biodiversity.

The aims of the University Institute of Research on Sustainable Forest Management are:

  • Research, development and innovation in the indicated fields through joint participation in R&D&i projects.
  • Support for technology transfer and training of research personnel, including teaching activities and joint publications.
  • Development of coordinated tasks for evaluating silvicultural treatments, development of inventory and modelling methodologies, forest management methods and evaluation of forest production, in order to estimulate the development of these activities in their area of ​​influence.

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