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HERMĒNEUS – Journal of Research in Translation and Interpreting

Hermēneus is an annual publication of the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Valladolid (Soria Campus). It is dedicated to the publication of original articles, book reviews and other related activities dealing with research in translation and interpreting and other similar linguistic, documentational and literary areas of the humanities. Submitted articles should conform to the scientific logical-formal structure and methodology inherent to the subject.

Articles should not exceed 30 typed pages of standard paper, each page to contain no more than 51 lines of 56 spaces each (an approximate total of 15,000 words), including tables, graphics, notes and bibliography. Reviews are subject to said norms, but should not exceed six pages. The Editorial Committee of Hermēneus will select those books it feels are relevant for published reviews. Likewise, books submitted for possible review in the journal will be accepted. They should be sent to the Committee, and they will be returned if so stated. Book reviewers will be chosen by the Editorial Committee.

Originals should be composed on a common type of word processor, submitted in duplicate and be accompanied by a disk labelled with the author’s name and article title. Material will be accepted at the following address:

  Juan Miguel Zarandona Fernández
Director de la Revista Hermēneus

Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación
Campus Universitario Duques de Soria s/n
42004 Soria, España (Spain)

Tel: + 34 975 129 174/+34 975 129 100
Fax: + 34 975 129 101
Email: /

However, authors are encouraged to send their contributions electronically as texts attached to their e-mails.

Those interested in publishing in Hermēneus must bear in mind that the principal languages of the periodical are: Spanish, French, English, German and Italian. Other languages may be considered, provided that they employ the Latin alphabet. However, experts with the proper linguistic competence and knowledge in pertinent fields in languages other than those mentioned are not often available to evaluate articles.

The articles must be unpublished and cannot be submitted simultaneously to other publications. The first page should contain the following elements: title and English translation; name of author or authors; professional affiliation (present or former university or universities or other institution); summary of a maximum of 150 words, containing the pertinent key words in both Spanish and English, delineating the fundamental organization and the principal contribution of the work. It is recommended that the text be structured around epigraphs, numbered in Arabic numerals (1., 1.1, etc.). For obvious reasons, reviews will not include summaries or key words.

The Secretary of Hermēneus will acknowledge receipt of the articles within 30 working days, and the Scientific Committee will rule on publication within six months.

Researchers who wish to publish in Hermēneus must respect the areas of research and the publication guidelines of the periodical, as well as the peer-reviewed report of the Scientific Committee or of those persons of recognized prestige in the material or field of research consulted. Lack of acceptance of or conformance to said guidelines may result in rejection. Authors whose manuscripts meet the above-stated criteria will be informed of total acceptance (letter of acceptance) or partial acceptance (report or reports). In the latter case, detailed explanation of the formal or contextual reasons preventing publication will be provided in order that the interested party or parties, upon their discretion, may edit the manuscript in accordance with the suggestions given in the report or reports. The selection and editing process will carried out in the strictest confidence in order to guarantee the objectivity and rigor of the reports. Moreover, the Scientific Committee will respect the intellectual freedom of the authors and will not modify their opinions, although it may not be necessarily in agreement with said opinions.

Excessive quotations should be avoided; if quotations exceed two lines, they will be indented. Any authorial comments within the quotation must be placed in brackets in order to clearly distinguish them from the quoted material. All quotations, whether textual or paraphrased, should be accompanied by the corresponding bibliographic reference in parentheses, which must include page number and, if necessary, the surname of the author and the year of publication. The text should also be accompanied by standard footnotes, which should not contain bibliographic references but rather commentary or complementary explication of the text. Tables, graphics and maps included in the work will be sequentially numbered in Arabic numerals, and each element should be identified by a brief title and the source. If the inclusion of engravings, photographs or other types of illustration are deemed necessary or advisable, authors must consult the Editorial Board.

Hermēneus will send proofs of the originals to the authors so that detailed corrections may be made within 15 days of receipt. Said corrections are obligatory. The authors will receive a single copy of the galley proof. The Editorial Committee asks that no major changes be made to the original text during the correction of proofs, since such changes would reflect on the final printing cost.

Hermēneus does not pay royalties. The rights correspond to the Periodical, and the permission of the Editorial Committee is required for partial or complete reproduction. In any case, the source must be indicated.

Hermēneus may publish brief literary translations sent to the Secretary of the Editorial Committee by collaborators who agree to comply with requirements equivalent to those established for the acceptance of articles and reviews. Hermēneus will publish both the first and second place awards for literary translation and scientific-technical translation organized and sponsored by the Department of Translation and Interpreting of Soria.

  From its issue 19 (2017) Hermēneus is only published electronically


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