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Greetings to Prof. H. Hironaka

Following a suggestion of Jacob E. Goodman we will give the opportunity to send greetings to Professor Hironaka to all those who would like to attend, but cannot for some reasons.

This new page in the Congress's website is devote to included the greetings to professor Hironaka in his 80 birthday. Send it by e- mail to the address Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla with the subject Greetings. (Note that we will take some days to publish your greeting).


Dear Hei,

I am sorry I cannot be with you on this wonderful occasion, but I will be
thinking of you.

Best wishes,

Robin Hartshorne


Dear Hei,

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.  I was
one of the first of your students, and I always found
you a great inspiration, even after I had left algebraic
geometry and gone on to other things.  Congratulations
on all of your accomplishments!

(Jacob E. Goodman)



Dear Hei,

I am really sorry I won't be able to be there. Maybe you don't remember, but I can reconstruct exactly when we first met: it was 40 years ago, in the summer of 1972, at the meeting "Singularites a Cargese", when you gave a series of lectures on the just born subanalytic sets. And, after that, we met again in Paris a few times, in Pisa, in Bressanone, in Trento, in Madrid, in Austria and so on; I am happy to remember also the ceremony for the "Laurea Honoris causa" University of Pisa was honored to award you in 1992.

At that time, my  life as a mathematician was deeply influenced by the long discussions I had with you, the so kind support you always gave me,  the sense of duty with respect to the beauty of mathematics that you have taught me. For all that and for the privilege I enjoyed of your mathematical and personal friendship, I would like to thank you, "le grand Maitre".

My best wishes, and my warmest congratulations


(Margherita Galbiati - Pisa)



Dear Professor Heisuke Hironaka,

I wish I could be there with you on
this wonderful ocasion. I have always
found a great inspiration in your work
and example to follow in your actions.

Congratulations and my best wishes.

Sincerely, -- Pierre Milman


Dear Professor Hironaka,

Congratulations on this wonderful
anniversary. For me, your work
and life provided so much inspiration
over years in so many ways on so
many occasions. Among them, your participation
in Jaca conference which made it particularly special. Many happy returns,

All the Best, Anatoly

Anatoly Libgober