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Workshop: "Adobe, constructive cultures: Guatemala, Mexico, Spain"

Earth construction worhshop. Constructive culture with adobe in diferent countries: Guatemala, Mexico, Spain.

Salón de Grados, ETS Architecture, Valladolid, Spain.
18th decembre de 2013, from 17:00h to 20:00h
GrupoTIERRA – Fundación General Universidad de Valladolid

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Wine Cellars of Baltanas Exhibition. Wine tradition and excavated architecture

View exhibition catalog.

Exposition video


Townhall of Baltanas web link.



New Website of AECID Project UVA-ULEAM. 2012, 2013.

International Workshop on Architectural Heritage. View press release.

A group of thirteen teachers and students of the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico led by the architect Leonardo Meraz, are working in an experimental workshop Built Heritage Documentation in Cuenca de Campos. This event is organized in conjunction with Tierra Group of the University of Valladolid.

Architects of the UAM Xochimilco in Mexico have been attending for several years on Earth Architecture Congress, which is held annually in Cuenca de Campos. Relationship have been intensifying culminating with this proposal.

The workshop began on Friday 21st September, with José Luis Sainz Guerra conference "Historical and urban development of Cuenca de Campos: A journey through time from the Middle Ages", and Jové Felix Sandoval conference "The Claras Convent of San Bernardino of Siena in Cuenca de Campos: historical, stylistic and constructive aspects". A tour of the convent was also made.


Ar&Pa 2012 Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Mannagement

On 24th May 2012 took place in the Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Mannagement Ar&Pa the presentation of the book "Construction with Earth: Technology and Architecture". The book was presented by José Luis Sáinz Guerra and Félix Jové Sandoval.

Photos of the event


Baltanas Wine Cellars Quarter
Documentation, Analysis and Evaluation of the Conservation Status. Baltanas Townhall, Palencia
- TIERRA group - University of Valladolid

The TIERRA group is making together with the Baltanás Townhall and financed by the Junta de Castilla y León, a constructive and graphic analysis and an evaluation of the conservation status of the wine cellars in Baltanás, Palencia.

01-U1-Topographical analysis
02-U2-Urban Analysis and a legislative proposal
03-A1-Planimetric design and cellar types
04-A2-Constructive and functional analysis
05-E1-Characterization of the earth, grain size, permeability, resistance
06-E2-Stability analysis of the ensemble

-Félix Jové, Dr. Architect

-Pedro Olmos Martínez, Dr. Civil Engineer
-José Luis Sainz Guerra, Dr. Architect
-Ángel Fombellida Villafruela, Dr. Agronomist
-Bautista López García. Agronomist

-Alicia Sainz Esteban, Architect
-Mónica del Río Muñoz, Architect
-Gabriel López Martín, Architect
-Elena Sánchez, Architect
-Javier Sanz, Architect

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