Cuenca de Campos, Valladolid

TIERRA group helded congresses in Cuenca de Campos


Cuenca de Campos is a small village in Valladolid, located in the north of the province, in the district of Medina de Rioseco. This area is rich in buildings made of earth, and presents numerous examples of traditional earth architecture in the region. It is an ideal location for the International Congress of Earth Architecture.


Main Square of Cuenca de Campos and Town Hall

Image 1. Building with arcades in Main Square. Image 2 and 3. Building with arcades made in earth. Image 4. Cuenca de Campos Town Hall. Image 5. House in the Main Square. Image 6. Detail of wooden porch. Image 7. Image of the Virgin in the arcades of the Main Square


Church-museum of Santa María

Image 1. Access to the church-museum of Santa María


San Bernardo and Clarisse Convent and houses of the twelfth century

Image 1. Access to the convent. Image 2. Access square to the convent. Image 3. Inside the convent. Image 4. Convent church, detail of the choir . Image 5 and 6. External appearance of the apse of the church. Image 7. Detail of a dome inside the convent. Image 8. Corridor. Image 9. Access Square to the convent . Image 10.Inside the convent. Image 11. San Jorge.


Cuenca de Campos village

Image 1.House with birck facade and fronted balconies. Image 2. House built on earth and brick. Image 3. House with brick facade and decorated with moldings. Image 4. Town view from the San Justo church tower. Image 5. House access. Image 6. External appearance of the tower of the San Justo church. Image 7. Town view from the San Justo church tower. Image 8. Town view through an arch of the San Justo church tower.


The dovecotes and the windmill

Image 1 to 7. Dovecotes in Cuenca de Campos environment. Image 8. View of the Cuenca de Campos windmill in the distance. Image 9. Windmill of Cuenca de Campos, built on rammed earth walls.


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