María Martín Vega (Universidad de Valladolid)

Título: About Dulac's problem in R3 for perturbations of linear non-degenerated centers

10 de mayo de 2022

Seminario de Geometría y Teoría de Modelos


Dulac's problem is a local version of the Hilbert's 16th problem. It states that a two dimensional polynomial vector field defines at most a finite number of limit cycles. In fact, it was solved for analytic vector fields by Y. Ilyashenko and J. Ecalle in 1991-1992.We extend Dulac's problem to real analytic vector fields in R3.

We say that a real analytic vector field fulfills Dulac's property if periodic orbits are organized in one of the following configurations:

-There is a neighborhood of the singularity where there are not periodic orbits.

-There is a neighborhood of the singularity in which all periodic orbits are contained in a finite number of invariant surfaces which are filled with periodic orbits.

Both assertions imply local finiteness of limit cycles. In this talk, we prove Dulac's property for three dimensional vector fields with isolated singularity which are perturbations of linear vector fields with a center configuration.


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