Sesión número 104 del Seminario Iberoamericano de Matemáticas (SIM104)


Lugar: Casas del Tratado en Tordesillas, sede del Centro Tordesillas de Relaciones con Iberoamérica y Portugal.

Fecha: Miércoles, 10 de Octubre de 2018.


16:30-17:30 Patrick Speissegger (MacMaster University, Hamilton, Canadá)

Título: Limit cycles of planar vector fields, Hilbert’s 16th problem and o-minimality.

Resumen: Recent work links certain aspects of the second part of Hilbert’s 16th problem (H16) to the theory of o-minimality. One of these aspects is the generation and destruction of limit cycles in families of planar vector fields, commonly referred to as ”bifurcations”. I will outline the significance of bifurcations for H16 and explain how logic–in particular, o-minimality–can be used to understand them well enough to be able to count limit cycles.


18:30-19:30 Miguel Fernández Duque (UNAM, Ciudad de México)

Título: Local uniformization of codimension one foliations.